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Energy Efficiency for Property Managers

Property managers can benefit greatly from an energy audit and the cost savings that can be identified by your in-house energy manager.

Lower energy costs mean better value for tenants and lower overhead for property managers. This can give property owners that embrace energy management a real competitive advantage.
Energy audits encompass more than just electricity. Audits can encompass many types of energy such as electricity, gas, solar, thermal and steam. They also take into account your boilers, chillers, lighting and can introduce new technologies to assist you making your buildings as energy efficient as possible.
Most property management companies have maintenance and facility managers. These employees can be trained to be skilled energy managers and can identify savings opportunities for your company. Your staff will also be eager to be trained as energy managers as it will add a level of job security to their future.

Bottom line is most building owners and property manager will look to hire or train energy managers to
  • Green their building
  • Reduce their energy consumption
  • Comply with the Green Act
  • Access Federal and provincial funding
  • Save money on energy costs.
Property managers in the Toronto area can also benefit from financial incentives offered by various levels of government. Many property managers have heard of these programs but are unaware if they qualify or the requirements to apply. A trained energy manager can help your company apply and qualify for these funding programs.  This can be especially beneficial if you have multiple building or facilities.
The province of Ontario projects spending about 10 billion dollars to achieve its energy conservations targets by 2025. A 2007 study suggests that 42,000 new jobs will be created to support the implementation and achievement of those targets.

With the media and political pressure on building owners to have green buildings, your energy audits will go a long way to greening your building. With the new “Green Act” coming into law soon, wouldn’t it be beneficial to have someone in your team that was knowledgeable with compliance requirements.
Having an in house energy manager will ensure your companies buildings and facilities will be energy efficient and ahead of the curve. Leading Toronto area property management companies are realizing that Energy managers will be common place in most facilities in the near future.
The “Industrial & Building Energy Expertise Training Program (IBEX)” can train your new or existing personnel to be an energy manager. This program includes rigorous academic learning and actual energy audits. The reduced energy costs enjoyed by your company will pay for the program many times over.
Property management companies in Ontario can also participate as an “audit facility” without enrolling personnel in the IBEX Program. This can be extremely cost effective for companies who want to reap the benefits of having an energy audit performed on their facility.

Don’t get caught scrambling to put together an energy management program and comply with new legislation.